Solutions tailored to your goals.

Expertise that drives your success.

Sovereign offers an extensive range of solutions designed to meet your capital needs. Our comprehensive research capabilities, thorough due diligence processes, and advantageous financing relationships combine to ensure your transaction is completed quickly, efficiently, and reliably.

Our solutions:

Sale/Leaseback Transactions - By purchasing a client's property while simultaneously executing a long-term lease, we enable owners, operators, and franchisees to unlock the power of their real estate assets. We'll deliver the capital you seek to expand your business, pay down debt or enhance liquidity–all while maintaining operational control.

Acquisitions - We acquire single-tenant, net-leased assets from investment companies seeking liquidity from portfolios with existing leases. We're an active buyer of both investment- and non-investment grade properties.

Acquisition Financing - We provide acquisition financing in the form of sale-leaseback capital for companies acquiring companies with owned real estate. The sale-leaseback transaction and acquisition can close simultaneously, which can provide higher levels of financing than traditional debt financing, and offer the company greater flexibility.

Development Capital - We provide equity capital to developers and operators for multi-asset development programs. Our programs allow developers and operators to focus on their projects, minimize capital market risks, and obtain construction financing. We also help manage the asset disposition process to deliver an execution with optimal pricing, timing and cost.

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